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IntraLAN is an Intranet system written to help people run their LANparty. IntraLAN started out as Jukebox , but we decided to all but start from scratch (the sound daemon is still mostly original)
The whole system is written in perl and as such is reasonably portable and fairly easy to work with. Ive utilised both CGI and Text::Templates to make my life and to make customisation easier. Initially IntraLAN used SSI with perl scripts in a cgi-bin however we are/have moved to just perl scripts written to work in (but not exclusively in) mod_perl .

I recommend running on Linux or FreeBSD, but it should be trivial to set up on OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris or <insert your favourite unix here>. I cant imagine it being hard to set up on any OS that has a web server with some form of perl support and a mysql port.
You should easily be able to convert to PostreSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle or even MS-Access if their is a DBI perl module for it.

Basically you want Apache+mod_perl and MySQL, you could also get away with just Apache and MySQL. That said, with a little configuring of IIS it would be trivial to get it running on IIS with MySQL if you know a bit of perl.
IntraLAN has some nice features.
What are they?
Oh you want to know about them? IntraLAN features a jukebox that will play mp3s using xmms or mpg123. IntraLAN has a private messaging system, a links section for pointing guests to file updates etc. A schedule so people know whats happening and a tournaments front end to help you run tournaments.

IntraLAN features Text::Templates, which is a means that the html side of things is removed from the database and data parsing. Its easy to modify the templates and get your own unique look. If you fancy yourself as a perl programmer, templates will also allow you to do some really neat stuff. But if you dont, you can easily hack up the basic templates which are little more than just html!
Can i see?
Sorry i dont have an online example. If someone volunteers one ill link it.

[Help out IntraLAN]
You can help IntraLAN out easily by running IntraLAN and telling us how you went!

We also appreciate people sending in any templates, patches or hacks you may have come up with.

If IntraLAN has helped, enhanced or added to your LANparty. Then it would be great if you could budget into your event a cd from my wish list and have it shipped to me.

Email Me!

[What next?]
Maybe a Leech resources list

More work on tournaments.

Purchase food (order pizza etc) via IntraLAN

Dynamic DNS

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